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About us

I had to carry a medical pump myself, and I know like no other that quality of life from a cosmetic perspective is also of great importance.

The challenge for me was to design undergarments that improve wearing comfort for pumps. As a former nurse, I know what makes people who have a permanent stoma/catheter lose confidence.

This is the reason for this line of tailored undergarments for this target audience. Innovation in the area of your wearing comfort is my strength!

Thea van Dam

My mission: Designing solutions to make wearing a medical aid as comfortable as possible.

My vision: Share what you consider pleasant with other people. People with a chronic illness have enough problems as it is.

“Thank you, sweet Thea. You recognised my needs when it came to the shirt better than anyone!”



Medisch Comfort

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06 – 54 90 39 78

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Molenstraat 67a
4033 AT Lienden

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Laan van Nieuw Meerten 33
4033 DC Lienden